Mynd vikunnar

┴ ekki a­ halda ß tŠkinu?
┴ ekki a­ halda ß tŠkinu?
Mynd vikunnar að þessu sinni er af öðrum stórlax hjá Slökkviliði Hafnarfjarðarsvæðisins, enginn annar en Gunnar Björgvinnsson. Gunnar starfaði í nokkur ár hjá Slökkviliði Ísafjarðar og á þessari mynd er Gunnar að kenna Ísfirðingum handtökin á slökkvitækjum.

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Exactly such kind of pictures of Gunnar is to teach Isafjordur the arrest of fire extinguishers.

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Itĺs so nice of you as you shared the image of the week with us this time is by another big laugh at the Fire Department of the Hafnarfjordur area , none other than Gunnar Bj÷rgvinnsson.

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These showcases offer your smaller than expected firefighters the opportunity to not just watch an essential fire security introduction and fire gear showings in addition to they even get the chance to see fire engines very close and meet genuine firefighters. Amazing!, ■ri­judagurinn 15 jan˙ar klukkan 07:39


This picture aware many people for what to do while fire breaks. Thanks for teaching us about how to behave in situation of fire., f÷studagurinn 08 febr˙ar klukkan 09:57


Good to see here picture of the week which is teaching us the arrests of fire extinguishers. It is alert many people for how to conduct yourself in situation of fire.

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A high school training is adequate to be enlisted as a fire fighter, however many firemen proceed to procure degrees in flame science so as to progress in their professions. New contracts must total concentrated preparing programs, for the most part at a state or nearby flame preparing institute.

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